The definition of destiny is the hidden power believed to control future events. In other words, fate. Are we really going to let fate or soulmate be an excuse? Are we not in control of our own life?

The way I see it, it is up to us to choose to put the door in front of us. We create our own opportunity. We write our own story.

Love is a choice. Sure, at the beginning when cupid hits, sparks fly. You feel like you are floating on cloud nine and waking up to Good morning, beautiful texts couldn’t get any better. But as days turn into nights over the months and the honeymoon phase is up, frustration, impatience and temper come swooping in. Before you know it, everyday is a constant battle.

Why did he not reply for the past three hours?

Where in the world is she?

How is he able to laugh and joke with his friends when we’re still fighting?

Who is that guy she’s talking to?

All these doubts starts to form and pile up like unpaid bills. And if not careful, suspicions will come biting its way in.

Does he not love me anymore?

Is she cheating on me?

Accumulation of all these negative emotions and thoughts will one day ignite and blow up.

Take a building for an example. In construction, before concreting the columns, you need to build footings. You need a proper foundation. Likewise, before getting into a relationship, what type of foundation do you want to have? Building foundations are categorized into two: shallow foundations and deep foundations. Which one of these foundations are you going to build your relationship on?

When you move into a new home, you need to make sure regular maintenance is done. Just like relationships, you need to constantly work on it. Inadequate maintenance will lead to leaking in buildings, just like tear-falling. Eventually, a building without proper care will one day lead to its demise. And unfortunately, the end of a relationship.

Relationships need to be built on solid foundations like communication, trust and commitment. If not careful, when you have to juggle life, career, family, relationship and friends, meeting up with your partner may seem like a chore than a blessing. As humans, we unconsciously take what we have for granted.

Let’s not forget to show our appreciation or say our thank yous. Let’s not forget to say simple encouraging words that supply warmth, energy and enthusiasm.


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