How does one unconsciously turn into a pushback tractor?

What circumstances makes one’s choice to be blind when it comes to others?

Why does one become an archer when they speak?

When does one turn deaf towards sensitivity?

People hurt others first so they don’t get hurt. With fences built so high, tearing them down would be seemingly impossible. Every word comes with an arrow. And fear hides behind every ignorant action.

Who wouldn’t be afraid of rejection? Loneliness? Loss? Or the feeling of being unwanted or just an extra.

Why would one put themselves in a place so dark, they forget who they are. Maybe it was a traumatizing past, a breakup, a loss, or lack of affection. So they dig, and dig, until it is dark enough for them to curl up and stay.

Fearing that caring too much would only lead to being taken advantage of, little by little one stops caring, stops loving, stops believing, stops hoping. One just stops.

I believe that it is just a phase. A phase where one feels that everyone and the world is against them. In reality, the only one who is against them is themselves. The state of being vulnerable places us at risk of being let down, again. Hence, we run the other direction and switch off our emotions.

Don’t turn on yourself. Don’t build barricades. Don’t separate yourself from your feelings and your heart. Because by doing that, yes, you don’t get to feel hurt, sad, or emotionally broken. But you also don’t get to feel the highest of the high, you don’t get to feel true bliss and the fuzzy warm feeling that comes with love.

To be loved, you have to first love.


2 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. This post is very motivational. Honestly, everything you said was true- that you shouldn’t let darkness define you. You have a great blog all in all. Hope to see more from you soon 🙂 Please be sure to also check out my page, thank you.


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