We often feel misunderstood. Be it by a friend, a sibling, a relative, a parent, or even a stranger. At some point in life, we have felt misunderstood.

We meet people from all walks of life. Some bring you light and joy. Some bring you darkness and doubt. Some bring you a little bit of all. But these are the people you love and who loves you back. Yet, we can still feel misunderstood.

To avoid misunderstandings, the most common advice given is communication. But what do you do when you can’t seem to express yourself? What do you do when whatever comes out just seems to give the wrong message? It is frustrating. It is disheartening. And it is lonely.

It is a constant struggle to keep one’s emotion in check when one is trying to explain oneself repeatedly. But expressing and explaining it out in a flustered state is no help at all. It only burns the already overbaked cake.

So we learn instead. We learn to swallow our anger, our frustration, our hurt, and our disappointment. We learn to listen. Despite being accused, misunderstood, and backed into a corner, we choose to listen instead.

As one who often gets misunderstood, one begins to put on different lenses to try to understand how it looks like from a different perspective. One learns to slip on someone else’s boots to try to understand how it feels like to walk in them.

One learns to see. One learns to listen. One learns to understand.


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