People have this perception that when something goes wrong, someone must bear the blame.

There are situations where all the parties involved are at fault. But people pick a side and focus on one particular party, and publicly or personally,





Unintentionally and unconsciously, people become the hands of cyberbullying.

For example, the most recent uproar on the death of Harambe the Gorilla. The media circus pounced on this unfortunate event. Many condemned the zoo for shooting the gorilla. Many condemned the mother of the boy who fell into the cage. Just scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed is sufficient to show you the number of sharp swords pointed at the involved parties.

There are so many negativity on Cincinnati Zoo for its action. But.

Did people take time to understand why the zoo shot the gorilla instead of other methods like using the tranquilizer in the event of emergency that they had to take immediate action? The zoo made their decision to protect the boy and put the boy’s safety a priority, whether the boy seemed to be at risk or not at that time is another grey area.

Did people take time to talk to the staffs at the zoo and recognize that they are grieving for their loss too? After all, they are the ones who have fed, loved and looked after Harambe.

The mother of the boy is being threatened and has received endless of hate bullets. Her motherhood was being put in question.

Did people ask themselves if they have gotten lost before as a child at least once in their life? I do not have stats to prove, but, have not most, if not all, parents lost their child at least once before, be it in the shopping mall, or anywhere else for that matter.

Parents try their utmost best to supervise their kids but we are humans and unfortunately, accidents do happen. Yes, parents are at fault when accidents happen but ask ourselves, are we looking into making a bigger hoo-ha of the whole thing, making it our life’s goal to make the poor mother feel worse and that she didn’t deserve the title of being a mother?

I would like to say that I am not siding any parties. I’m merely suggesting that people should stop attacking at one another. Harambe’s death is a tragedy and one we will hold close to our hearts. Everyone is grieving the death of Harambe. Instead of attacking someone, publicly shaming someone or threatening someone, let us learn from this and focus on building a better and safer environment for everyone.


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