The waves bawled to the sands,
As the sun glared down on it.
The rocks held me unwaveringly,
As my hands grazed upon it.

The clouds lingered on the horizon,
And awaited the night to invade its way.
The birds danced around the heaven,
In harmonic to the insects’ hums.

The sequence of these animation,
Does not hold significance.
Because when you look at it altogether,
They make one beautiful picture.

You see, in everything that we do,
We can choose to be the flare or the holler,
We can choose to be a beam of support,
We can choose to be a teammate.


Wave Swinger

You came like a gust of wind,
And embraced me independently.
In the moments that you were around,
You took me to the highest of high.

And when you left,
Cold was all I knew.
Because when you left,
You threw me to plumb new depths.

We have been on the wave swinger,
With the carousel towering above us.
We have stayed longer,
Than the changing of ten seasons.

I have to get off this ride,
For it has given me two extremes.
Forgive me for wanting,
Just the mundane and unexciting.

The lit in my eyes,
Flee only to leave melancholy.
This journey will end in goodbyes,
And I’m thankful it taught me joviality.

I will stand my ground this time,
And I will get off this cycle.
This beautiful adventure of mine,
Will be buried under the layers of apple.


The monitor’s glare mirrored your intensity,
And revealed your focus and attention.
The gleam reflected your furrowed brows,
But your confidence was not shadowed.

A sudden shift echoed through the room,
Prompted you to look up steadfastly.
The intentness generated an electric heating,
And betrayed the gripping shyness.

It was then through gaze,
We found silent companionship.
As the sun and moon take turns,
It was perhaps not the right season.

This moment brought us back,
And broke the stillness within us.
Could this be the phase of change,
In preparation for a new chapter?

Would the hands of the previous winter,
Be ready to forget the cold?
The possibility of accepting an extra pair,
For warmth doesn’t seem that far gone.