In every stage of life, you’ll meet new friends and at the same time, you’ll lose good friends. Some due to losing touch, some the distance that cost the friendship, whereas others, from unresolved problems.

There was someone I had the pleasure of meeting who taught me many lessons about life. She encouraged me when I was down, guided me when I was lost, and be present when I felt alone. She showed me that friendships go beyond the door. We shared many interests and thanks to her, I have picked up new ones too.

Our friendship is no different from any other; we print some of the best and worst memories. Each of us have our own individuality, our strength and weaknesses and as flawed as we both are, we truly cared for each other at one point in life. We allowed the cracks to widen, as mistakes and misunderstandings come in between us.

Through mutual friends and Instagram photos, we are both living our separate lives filled with love (and yummy food). I am happy and proud to know that she continued to grow into an extraordinary person.

Despite the disappointment of having the door slammed in my face when I tried to reach out , I understand she was not ready then. I miss you, dear friend, and I will always be here with arms wide open, should you miss me too. Who knows, perhaps ten years from now, as how the television always portrays it, we would bump into each other along the streets and have our second chance to start anew.

Dear readers, if there was ever a mistake or a misunderstanding that cost your friendship and if the friendship is worth keeping, salvage it. The longer you wait, the more the bridge will smolder. Just know that sincerity, apology and acceptance go a long way.